From the vistions of the Founders.

From the vistions of the founders. we give customers direct access to recieve the products with better quality.

Especialli customers can select and adjust the products as needed. Also. We provide professionals to service and help you to achieve the optimal benefits.

CosmaGroup has 6 subsidiaries as

  • บริษัท คอสมา เฮลท์ จำกัด (Cosma Health Co.,Ltd.)
  • บริษัท พีวาย อินเตอร์ กรุ๊ป จำกัด
  • บริษัท ID ลามิเนท จำกัด

Firstly. we operated as a middleman to import thedietary supplements from Japan, Korea, Chaina and Taiwan according to customer orders for 5 year

Cosma Health Co.,Ltd. was founded on January 22, 2014

To be a sole distribution. Cosma Health Co.,Ltd. was founded on January 22, 2014 as a subsidiary of Cosma Group. Presently. we import the products. Presently, we import the products to top ranked companies including direct sales and custom order, and also make under the customer’s brand.

Cosma Health Service

We provide the products and full service to customer. Moreover, the company certified by the public and private organizations to assure that we will provide high quality products to customer needs. Under the brand of Cosma Health, we keep our commitment to offer safe products to our customers.